How Digital Marketing Can Attract Customers for Your Restaurant in Chandigarh ?

Digital Marketing For Restaurants in Chandigarh

Offering lip-smacking food? Giving excellent customer services?

But still less customers and empty tables?

If you are nodding YES to these, seriously, you need to be worried!

Even though, you are doing the basics right,

  • Serve best quality food
  • Affordable prices range
  • Amazing sitting aura
  • Quick Service

Still there are chances that your restaurant will not survive for long.

Sounds Scary

Dear restaurants owners,

Do you know- over 70% of people depend on internet to find a restaurant.

Isn’t it a big number?

A larger customer base or a never-ending relationship with the foodies, whatever you desire for, having an online presence can help you significantly.

So, if your restaurant in Chandigarh isn’t on internet, you are missing out something important!

However, when you check for the latest market figures, it clearly describes the least interest of restaurant owners in Chandigarh in Digital Marketing as compared to those in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Digital Marketing Trends Stats

Yes, the restaurant owners in the city beautiful still prefer traditional marketing over digital marketing, but why?

Why Restaurants in Chandigarh are Not Using Digital Marketing?

The simplest answer would be – Lack of Awareness!

Actually, the business owners are still unaware of the benefits of digital marketing. They are doubtful on investing with online marketing campaigns as they are not aware of the results. This simply makes them go with traditional marketing methods like “words of mouth” publicity, print advertisements, etc.

Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

Are you among the same?

Want to know how Digital Marketing can help you restaurant business grow? Here’s something you need to check.

Restaurants in Sector 34

Digital Marketing Helps Your Restaurant Climb the Ladder of Success

Before you start; it is not just about creating a Facebook page or uploading some good- food photos on Instagram.

Digital marketing is a powerful way to reach your customers, i.e. people searching for food, through different online mediums and social media platforms.

To understand, consider a customer who is looking for a restaurant in sector 34, Chandigarh. If he searches on Google, the results displays all the restaurants located in sector 34. But which one he picks?

Of course, those listed in the top search results will be a preferred choice, isn’t it?

And all this is possible with help of Digital Marketing. It brings you restaurant in the top of the searches results and makes it stay here forever.

Even if you check the Google’s data, the “restaurants in Chandigarh” is one of the most searched terms over the time.

Restaurants Trends in Chandigarh

So, you got a hint that online marketing is necessary, right?

Now check the below listed facts too.

  • 80% people use their smartphones to search restaurant
  • 25% have at least 1 restaurant app on their phone.
  • India is expected to have 520 million Smartphone users by 2020.
  • 50% businesses admitted that online marketing has increased their revenue by 10%.


Still Not Sure

Not a problem!

You need a real life example-The Success Story of Digital Marketing of Max’s Restaurant

Find Out How Digital Marketing Helped This Restaurant Grow its Business.

Max’s Restaurantis now popular for its Italian cuisine and the profit graph is rising constantly. However, things were not the same few years back. Due to high competition and slow season, the restaurant was going through major financial crisis. But they were lucky enough to approach a digital marketing agency, to experiment and see if it could help them increase their sales anyhow.

The internet marketing experts started fixing up things and followed these steps:

#1 Created A New Look For Website:

Max Website- Mobile Responsive

They replaced all those outdated features which were turning off their users. Earlier, it was not responsive in nature, i.e. wasn’t accessible for the small screen (smartphone) users. Making it interactive and responsive helped them win over the user’s trust once again.

#2 Used ‘Inviting’search terms:

Having those attractive and right keywords or search term placed on the web pages, the digital marketers were able to draw in thelocal users with ease.

#3 Made Business Searchable:

Following different methods and techniques of digital marketing, experts made it possible for Max’s Restaurants to appear in the top searches.

#4 Connecting DifferentWeb Pages:

It is referred to as internal linking, which helps engaging the customers for longer period on your website. Basically, it derives better conversion rate.

#5 Offered Extra Information:

It was done through a process called ‘Blogging’. Different food recipes and other food related information was shared on regular basis to help create maximum interaction with the users.

Blog For Extra Information

#6 Emails to Update:

It was dueto Max’s newsletter marketing that maximum number of customer could avail offers, promotions and new services. They sent over numerous, visually appealing newsletters with correct and updated information to attract new buyers and stick with older ones.

Newsletter Campaign of Max Restaurant

#7 Getting More Social:

Check In Offers- Max Restaurant

Another important task which made them successful was the use of social media in their online marketing strategy. From Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTubetoYelp, TripAdvisor and Open Table, they employed every channel to promote. For example, the CHECK IN OFFER which gave customers reward on checking in on their Facebook with their phone.

It is worth noticing that the digital marketing team also added attractive food photos and infographics, along with correct hashtags, while posting all sorts of offers and contest on everyplatform.

All these efforts, collectively, made it possible for Max’s Restaurant to achieve dramatic rise in its sales.

How Digital Marketing Helped Max’s Restaurant?

With a proper maintained website and improved online presence, the following outcomes were achieved:

  • Traffic increased by 370%(as compared to the previous year’s)
  • Compelling newsletter increased the number of new customers
  • Active social media presence helped engagingboth, new and old customers
  • Providing new offers and rewards made potential visitors turn into loyal customers

Overall, it proved to be a great achievement and recovery for Max’s.

Obviously, you too want your restaurant business to grow, right?

But, as far as the restaurants in Chandigarh are concerned, it is found that they Miss on some simple things which hinder their growth. Some of them are;

Marketing Mistakes Most of Restaurants Are Making:

#1 Not Having a Website:

Yes, it is essential for the restaurants in Chandigarh to have website.

  • It makes you available 24/7; even in your closed hours.
  • It gives your customers a clear idea about your menu and cuisine.
  • It serves to be a platform to advertise special offers, new additions, etc.

And here your customers can leave their suggestions and reviews.

#2 Unmaintained Facebook Profile:

Generally, all restaurants have their Facebook page. But just being on Facebook won’t help!

  • Does your Facebook page offers complete company information?
  • Have you updated your phone number and address?
  • What about the pictures you update? Are they right for your cover image?
  • Are the posts, you make, help you getting attention of the customers?

#3 Negligence To Negative Reviews:

Customers today are more active and social. From your Facebook page to Zomato presence, they can mark a negative feedback for your services anytime and anywhere. You can’t stop them from doing so. But that doesn’t mean you can let them go, right?

You need to manage them, and marketing experts do it well using ORM (Online Reputation Management) services. It basically includes responding to the negative comments quickly and resolving the customer’s issues as soon as possible.

So, now you might have got a clear idea why you have been lacking behind?

No more delays!

Get started today with digital marketing and take your business to the new heights with its numerous benefits.

Advantagesof Digital Marketing for Your Restaurant:

#1 You Can Build Brand…

What type of food and experience you provide? Digital marketing helps you reach your restaurant’s USPs to customers before they enter your restaurant. It is done through posting your restaurant’s features, images and every unique point on social media sites, online communities and other platforms searched by “hungry” customers most. In this way, you can create your brand identity with digital marketing.

#2 Your Restaurant Appears in Local Searches…

If you have listed your restaurant on Google My Business, chances are it can be in the top searches when a customer is searching online for local restaurants.

#3 You Provide Better Customer Service…

Customer is very vital for restaurant business and digital marketing helps you take care of them. You can use your online platforms including social media networks to provide information, clearing doubts and responding to the comments. In this way, you win over your customer’s trust by giving them quick response.

#4 You Can Build Customer Loyalty…

Social media platforms let you be little personal with people, helping you earn their trust and loyalty. You can maintain your customer’s interest while providing them a platform on which they can actively support your brand.

Build Loyalty

#5 You Can Post Amazing Photos of Your Food Items…

Have you ever thought why photos of food get more likes? This is because people taste with their eyes.

Why not upload the new dishes or holiday special menu on your account to capitalize on this? All you need to keep short narrative and choose the right time to post.

Attractive Food Images

#6 You Can Announce Special Offer and Promotion…

Whether it’s food coupon or season offer, social media will take your on-going sales and promotion to the more people. Besides bringing back your loyal customers, it will encourage new customers to give your restaurant a try.

Burger Hub- Special Offers

So, now when you know it all, stay one step ahead of your competitor with Digital Marketing.

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Author: Varun Sharma

Internet Marketing Analyst, present Director Since 2009. Providing Internet Marketing as a medium for all kind of businesses to achieve the modern era goals. Have been highly successful in cultivating projects in Real Estate, Financial and Education Sector.

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