Content Optimization and Revenue Generation with Market Research

Market research is a broad term that encapsulates all forms of research, both primary and secondary, in order to make the best possible decisions with respect to marketing in all its forms. From content creation and ideation to customer encouragement to seek and get info, all require market research on your end.


There are three main areas in this that need to be your focus on Search Engine Optimization when thinking of market research for optimizing your content and revenue generation. Let us look at each of these one by one and understand them well so that you may be able to put them in practice.


The art of generating effective content begins with a thoughtful process and a set of measures. With the lack of a lot of thought and in-depth analysis, compelling content is nearly impossible. There are a few essential Dos and Don’ts for thoughtful content generation.

  • The primary one is never to sound promotional when generating content.
  • The content generation should focus on information, not promotion.
  • Nearly equally important when looking at content generation is for the content to be extremely well written and relevant.
  • The content should not seem like it is talking in circles.
  • At all times, the content must have evidence mentioned in it to support it and be a gap closer in terms of information that the reader needs.

This may seem like a lot to ask for but is actually the minimum requirement.

optimize content

Let them seek more information.

Great content tells the market researcher what they need and directs them towards your social media and websites to know more. It is crucial that the customer/ researcher feels well informed and that you are the one giving them the information. You will be appreciated more for doing so.

What makes ads successful

Finally, we come to the most significant part of content creation and market research, which is what attributes go into making an ad successful. We have here for you a few pointers that we hope will help you.

1. Attention

Getting your consumers’ attention is primary. The market researcher will help you identify what the customers respond to. Make sure your ads are in sync with that to gain and hold that your customers’ attention has to offer. These attention grasping factors differ from product to product and market to market, so remember to only rely on relevant research. Missing out on this is a direct road to losing potential customers, so keep this in mind.

2. Keep it simple

You need to be mindful of the fact that the attention of a customer is a fleeting thing. An extremely complex idea or one that does not stick to the customer’s mind is likely to be forgotten when the need arises for them to choose the product. It is keeping this in mind that you need to make your ads simple and catchy. There are multiple ways to go about this, and you need to find the one that works perfectly with your customer market segment through the right form of market research.


3. An evident link

If a customer at the end of the ad is left wondering what your advertisement had to do with the product or brand that you are trying to sell, the advertisement is bound not to leave an impact at all. The connection and link need to be categorical and out there. By this, we do not mean that you need to advertise directly, but only that the link between the two should not be missing or vague, leaving for the customer to wonder. The right market research will help you understand your customers in a manner that you can see how their minds link and work, helping you create the best ads.

4. Value proposition

Each customer comes looking for a specific need to be fulfilled by your product or service. This means that to create the best ad, you must do enough research to note what this is and convey to them that you offer exactly that. This comes from a deep understanding of your market base, and well-made ads to target them.

5. Segmentation and Targeting

The biggest advantage that market research can offer you is to allow you to segment your market based on their needs, what they like to hear, what form they like it in, and much more. This makes targeting your audience and the customer base that much simpler. Through segmentation and targeting, you can reach the right people without spending resources on those who are beyond your reach or are not the right segment for you. This also allows your research to come into the picture when dealing with the customers at the stages beyond ad making.

6. Compared Positioning

This may not be one of the most critical factors that your consumers look for, but it is certainly something that many consumers value. In a big competitive world, it is not only important how you position your product or service, but also how the position is compared to the competitors that it works against.

Compared positioning refers to how the customers will see your product if they were to look at it from the viewpoint of another competition product.

Market research here allows you to understand your competitors well and make a value proposition for your position in your ads that shines light and value on your product or service.

7. End state value

An end state value is what the customer wants in the last stage, right before their purchase is finalized. Market research can help you recognize what end-state values are for each of your customers and target audiences and help you convey the same through your advertisements. Your customer needs to relate to your brand to that end state value and satisfaction that they wish for. Only this will mean engaging and memorable content for them in terms of your brand.


8. Integrated campaign

Today, the customer is extremely savvy and will spend a lot of time on comprehensive research before making any substantial purchase. This means that your message across platforms and forums needs to be comprehensive. Market research allows you to understand what the customer looks for on each platform they visit and how to build integrated comprehensive campaigns for your ads in terms of your brand, products, and services. The research that the customer undertakes should be such that it does not send across a disjoint or unrelated message on the different forums by you.

9. Make them riveting

Even years after the ad stopped airing, we remember some of the advertisements that have left such an imprint on our minds by being riveting and memorable that the brand cannot be today thought of without those ads. The ultimate ideal goal of market research is to be able to zone down and wide so well that an ad can we created to stay in the memory of the customers for years in the end. The only way possible to make such an ad is to connect with the customers at a much deeper than the intellect level. Extensive and well-framed market research allows for this and may have your ad be the next in line of ads that are passed on over the years in the minds of the people

As must have become amply clear, in many ways, market research is the be-all and end-all of good customer connection by optimizing content and revenue generation. KVR Chandigarh will help you get through all the digital marketing needs at best price.

Author: Varun Sharma

Internet Marketing Analyst, present Director Since 2009. Providing Internet Marketing as a medium for all kind of businesses to achieve the modern era goals. Have been highly successful in cultivating projects in Real Estate, Financial and Education Sector.

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